Health Safety
And The Environment

Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc regards as paramount the promotion of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) measures at all levels of its operation. It is therefore the company’s policy to do all that is reasonable to prevent injury and protect everyone from occupational hazards whenever they are involved with the company’s activities. Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc will provide and maintain a safe, pollution free and healthy working environment, taking into account all applicable Nigerian and international statutory guidelines, standards and laws.

All employees shall in the course of their duties be trained and be required to act with reasonable care for the occupational health and safety of themselves, other workers and the public, and shall be duty bound to co-operate in the operation of this policy to achieve a sustainable work environment.

This policy commitment is equally applicable to all contractors, visitors and customers who shall also comply with all statutory requirements and laws. All incidents, near misses and potential hazards that might lead to injury or damage must be reported to the Health, Safety and Environmental Manager or a delegated representative. The Site HSE Supervisors are delegated the primary responsibility for Health, Safety and Environmental matters on their sites and are answerable to the Management.Some of the Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc ship and boat building projects, offshore Oil and Gas industry fabrications with pictures of the projects are included in this profile as MILESTONES.


Quality assurance requirements specified within referenced company-level documents are implemented. All the jobs shall be completed following industry standards and commercial codes. Adherence to applicable codes and standards are verified through planning documents, field inspections, and acceptance testingwhere applicable. In general, personnel training, quality improvement, documents and records, inspection, management assessment, independent assessments, administrative controls for work processes, and procurement are a continuous and integral portion of all work activities.
“Quality Assurance Program” specially designed toplan the general requirements and describes the process for implementing, assessing,and documenting a quality program that is responsive to the “Quality Assurance Plan” for the project is applied.


Capricorn Marine recognizes the importance of preservation of earth natural resources and the global responsibility of environmental protection. We are therefore committed to managing environmental matters as an integral part of our business. Our operations are carried out in a manner to ensure environmental impacts are minimized with respect to energy, air emissions, water, waste, hazardous materials and other significant environmental risks. Facilities should make sustainable improvements in environmental performance and required the same of our suppliers and sub­contractors. Capricorn Marine conducts employee training that includes environmental management issues: All our employees shall be trained on environmental management issues in some way, It shall be included in the induction training and they shall be reminded of their own obligations through posters and discussions. Employees shall be reminded to use the provided protective equipment or dressing at any time in dealing with possible hazardous materials or wastes.


Capricorn Marine feels a responsibility toward the communities in which we operate at every location. The Company has an obligation to conserve energy, protect the environment, and display good citizenship.
Historically, in the Niger-Delta, upheavals from the community which many times lead to work stoppages have been partly linked to insensitivity to the environment by the operators. The Company maintains a safe and healthy work environment and manage its business in ways that are sensitive to the environment. The Company strives at all cost to comply with all environmental, health and safety laws and internally establish and comply with its own strict standards established on behalf of the well-being of our associates and the communities in which we operate in the following areas:
The health, safety and environmental impacts and risks of hazardous materials How to properly use and dispose of used the materials What to do in the event of an accident or a spill


Waste water: The Major Waste water generated is sanitary waste water – those waters generated by restrooms, showers, and Deck cleaning. Since these are not harmful to aquatic life, they are evacuated into the Creek water or Sea since the vessels are usually afloat on water except when on dry dock.

Solid Waste: All solid wastes are properly stored and managed. Storage is tidy and handled in a manner as not to create hazard. These are disposed (by authorized contractors) to Government approved dumpsites. The Contractors should have documentation showing the transportation and final destination of the wastes and ensure appropriate licenses are in place for transportation and reception.


Areas should be kept free from spills and leaks (stains, corrosion, cover-ups). If any spills or leaks do occur the facility should document and report what happened and how the problem was rectified.

The facility should have in place a spill response plan including how a spill would be cleaned up, using what equipment and the specification of roles of individuals including who is responsible for evaluating the consequences of a spill.


Capricorn Marine recognizes that risk management is a key issue in achieving exceptional performance. The main elements of a successful risk management process are: – Risk assessment and management are equally applicable to risk related to health, safety, environment and to the economic success of the project.

Risk Management involves hazard identification, risk assessment, determination of control measures and their application to reduce risks to ALARP Risk Management also entails the management of change. Generic training of the team is required to develop a common language and methodology to the Risk Management Process.


When Risks have been analysed and assessed, Capricorn Marine Team shall make decisions about: Control measures and Methods to avoid the risks Reduce and minimize risk to an acceptable level (ALARP) by the design of a suitable system of work (management of the risk).

Once in place, risk control measures will be maintained by the Capricorn Marine Team through: Adequate inspection Maintenance and monitoring procedures Review procedures to examine risk assessment and control measures in the light of changes and technological developments


Be it and it will remain that wherever we do business: Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc will establish a physical presence commensurate with the volume and value of the business generated and carried out in the locality.
Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc will invest reasonably in projects and expenditures that will enhance and improve the lives and livelihood of inhabitants of the area. Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc and all her workers are trained to be environmentally and ecologically sensitive to the locality in which we do business. Rules are put in place to ensure a no tolerance to infractions to this rule at all levels of the organization.
Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc will ensure that whenever situations demand that we leave a site, location, or vicinity, the Company will leave behind lives that have been impacted positively for posterity. These are our FOUR Point CSR Pledge