Careers at Capricorn

There is a dearth of requisite manpower in the various fields of activities in this industry. To alleviate this problem and ensure the Company has the requisite manpower to successfully carry out her projects Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc put in place a Training and Manpower Development division at the top Management Level.

The mandate of this division has been to source fresh graduates in disciplines that will be useful to the company. Carry out attachment training programs for these in-house, arrange for external training programs in Nigeria and Overseas to ensure they are up to the international levels we need to make the desired impact in our production.

The manpower for shipping and marine infrastructure fabrication is enormous. Experienced seafarers and artisans are in very short supply. There is no effort in the government/industry to train a pool of this manpower. All the ship equipment are run electronically. The main engines are now managed electronically. Navigation is now done electronically with information for systems management going through the satellites.
Yet there is no dedicated training school or institute to train artisans on managing, repairs and maintenance of the systems. To alleviate the problems posed by these lacks, Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc dedicates a clear Eight percent of her turnover to the Training and Manpower development. Our staff are constantly trained and updated in the new technologies appearing in the market. This is a vertical training program. They are also laterally trained in other related field. This enhances their productivity and gives them an edge in the out of job market to function in more than one capacity. This gives us a high inter-company mobility of the work force without necessary increase in head count.

Capricorn will continue to attract, retain and upgrade our training facilities and capabilities to ensure we always have a pool of requisite manpower for our operations and satisfy third party demands.

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