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Our belief at Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc is that training and manpower development are pre requisite for safe operations and will aid in the achievement of our organisational goals. Training is an incentive /investment and enhances high morale and high productivity. Our training and development strategy is aimed at providing employees with skills, education and experiences as well as behavioral modification and refinement techniques that allow them to work better and add value. Our focus is to make our staff the best in their chosen fields. We shall not only train our staff, but also develop their skills to acquire new horizons by mentoring, coaching and through our tuition assistance programs.
Ship Construction Company in Nigeria


Excellence in Water Transportation

Mission Statement

To Be the Very Best In Distribution and Maintenance Of Marine Products In Nigeria. To Provide this Service Striving For Excellence Using the Best Available In Men And Materials Everywhere We Do Business


To Develop, Build, Distribute, Manage and Service State Of The Art Marine Products In Nigeria

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Resilience
  • Professionalism
  • Timeliness


  • Compliance with laws
  • Respect for Human Rights and Dignity
  • Work Environment
  • Environmental Consideration
  • Earning the Trust of Customers and Consumers

  • Corporate Conduct

  • Mutual Growth with Partner Companies
  • Coexistence with Local Communities
  • Relationship with Political Bodies and Government Agencies
  • Standing against Antisocial Forces
  • Corporate Gratification Policy Whistle Blowing

  • Our Objectives

    Our History

    Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc was incorporated in July 1998, RC 337972, to carry on business as Ship Builders, Boats and all water crafts building, repairs, refurbishment including but not limited to Tugs, barges, marine infrastructures etc. Import, manufacture, and distribute Ship spares, stores, ships, boats, docks etc and any other maritime trade as per the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Company commenced operations in October 1998 and has since been very active in all aspects of the Ship and Boat building industry in Nigeria.

    In 1999 Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc ordered, superintended the building of a fishing trawler at the Wisla Shipyard Poland for Idara Foods Nigeria Limited. The vessel a 22metre side Trawler, Shrimper was built and delivered in 5 months under Capricorn Marine supervision. The vessel named Queen Idara is still fishing in Nigerian coastal waters under the Tarabaroz ownership now. Capricorn Marine was also responsible for the delivery of the vessel after completion of Sea Trials in Poland.

    In 2004 Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc was contracted as the superintendent and consultant for the building of a 34metre crew/supply boat for Ivory Marine Limited – an indigenous offshore oil and gas service company. Capricorn Marine engineers superintended the building, sea trials and delivery to Nigeria two of these boats for Ivory Marine. The first was delivered in 2005 and due to the excellent performance of the boat a second vessel was ordered in 2008 from the same yard in Singapore. The second vessel was delivered in February 2009 and is performing well in offshore oil fields.

    Since 2008, Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc has successfully built a number of Self Propelled Barges, Designed in Europe and built to the Classification Society of Owners choice. The Barges are in Tanker, Dry cargo and Container variants with carrying capacities ranging from 1000 – 5000 Tonnes. A special project is the building of 2500DWT, River –Sea – River Ships for the Dredged River Niger in the Tanker, General cargo and Container variants.

    In 2010, Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc was busy in the Ship Repair Market, also First quarter 2010 we drydocked, refurbished and class renewed the offshore service vessel GAC Tiger for GAC Shipping. We ended 2010 with the inside replating of the Nigerian Navy Ship NNS Enyinmiri from a collision damage with a 15000 DWT import tanker.

    In 2011, we continued the ship repair business with the drydocking, refurbishment and class renewal of another offshore oil service vessel – GAC Tempest. On completion of the repairs and refurbishment, Capricorn Marine Technologies had the job of crewing and sailing the vessel for over 4000 Nautical miles to her new owners – Polaris Marine ltd, in Malta.

    We ended the repairs year with the in-situ repair of Star Globe, a 37000DWT cargo vessel that had a rudder damage on entering the Lagos harbour.

    The year 2011 came to a close with our in-situ repair of the 37,000DWT Greek owned General Cargo Vessel MV Star Globe had a damaged ruader on entry into Lagos Harbour at full load, the successful repairs in eight days and sailing back to Europe shows the fully satisfied marine superintendent of Star Globe Shipping here within as Milestones 2011.

    In the year 2012, Capricorn Marine Group diversified into the upstream Oil and Gas industry with the purchase and deployment of a 15,000Tonnes non-self-propelled Barge the MT BARGE HERALD for the use of Prime Exploration and Production Limited, as their Early Production Facility (EPF) storage at the Asaramatoru Marginal Field on Andoni Creek in the Niger Delta. Our expertise in Upstream Oil and Gas Engineering, Procurement Construction Installation (EPCI) capabilities came into play in this project with our rapid procurement, fabrication and installation of our spud legs for safe positioning of the barge, a new Emerson Coriolis Flowmeter to measure the Crude Oil Discharge into shuttle tankers, a string of Dunlop Oil and Marine Hoses for use by the barge. Barge Herald operated at the Prime Exploration and Production – Asaramatoru field as their production storage and export terminal from 2012 to 2014 when Capricorn Marine replaced her with our Barge Herald Grace.

    In 2013, Capricorn Marine Technologies Group purchased a Motor Ferry with 340Tonnes General Cargo space and 200 Passenger space, fully air conditioned to operate a weekly service on Lagos, Nigeria – Tema, Ghana route intended to relieve people of the high cost of transportation by Air and the hassle and stress of transportation by Road – crossing six border posts between Lagos and Ghana. Carrying cargo by road through these six border crossings take over one week with handsome amounts spent at any border point. She makes a direct transit Lagos to Tema in less than 24 hours. MF SHAMMAH is registered in Nigeria under the ownership of Herald Marine and Energy Limited – one of the companies of Capricorn Marine Group.

    In 2014 Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc bought an OPA 90, 11600 Tonne Double Hull Barge – Herald Grace. Herald Grace is used as crude oil storage. Barge Herald Grace is contracted to Prime Exploration and Production as their Crude Storage at the Asaramatoru Marginal Oilfield on Bonny Island – Rivers State of Nigeria
    In year 2015 , Capricorn Marine Group purchased the Double Hull – OPA -90,8450MT,52,500barrels Barge Herald Emmanuel ostensibly to do Clean Petroleum Products – AGO ,DPK and Base Lube Oils. The pressure from the upstream oil indus try for crude storage vessels, especially for marginal oilfields producing below 5000barrels per day has made the Herald Emmanuel to be deployed as Crude Oil Early Production Storage Facility (EPSF).

    In year 2016, for speedy delivery and movements of Barge Herald Emmanuel, Herald Marine and Energy acquired the 40Tonne Bollard Pull, 3000HP Tug Gideon.

    TUG Gideon hast the main job of Towage of Loaded and empty Barge Herald Emmanuel to and from locations without waiting for third party charter in Tug boats.
    Some proposed boats and vessels built in HDPE or Aluminium
    MILESTONE 2020:

    In 2020, Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc secured the sole distributorship and partnership rights across West and Central Africa for the designing, building and sale of HDPE and High-Grade Aluminium Alloy boats and vessels, to be built locally in our Boatyard located at Ilaje, Lagos State, in partnership with Izmir Shipyard A.Ş of Turkey.
    MILESTONE 2020:

    Capricorn Marine Group became the official distributor for Selva – Italy outboard petrol engines. Selva Outboard Motors, the only European made petrol outboard engine manufacturer with a large worldwide market of high technology outboard engines.

    MILESTONE 2019:

    In 2019, Capricorn Marine Group purchased a Motor Ferry with 240 Tonnes General Cargo space and 200 Passenger space, fully air conditioned to operate a monthly service between Lagos, Nigeria to/from French West and Central African ports.


    DRAFT: 3.2m
    IMO #: 7112204
    LDT: 206
    YEAR OF BUILT: 1971
    CARGO SPACE 1,440m3
    OFFICIAL # SR 3473
    DIMENSION OF CARGO HOLD 40m (L) x 9.2m (B) x 4.2m (H)
    GROSS TONNAGE: 743.00
    LENGTH: 44.38m
    NET TONNAGE: 304
    BREADTH: 10.60m

    In order to guarantee timely service delivery and satisfy the learnings of our customers in the Oil logistics industry- moving of refined petroleum products from the mother vessels located offshore in Cotonou – Benin Republic and Lome – Togo waters to Nigeria for supply of Fenders, Ropes , Wires to support those operations AND.

    To repair, service, install and change marine and oil hoses offshore the Capricorn Marine Group acquired 200FT offshore service vessel, STS Guardian. She is fully equipped to service and repair Oil and Marine Hoses offshore in-situ without the costly exercise of transporting these hoses. Sometimes up to 24inch chameter and up to 12meter lengths. This is the first of its kind OSU in the Nigerian offshore Oil and Gas industry.


    The drive for safe, fast transportation in Nigeria has moved into the water. Water transportation in the form of boats, ferries and ships have always been a veritable means of transportation for goods and persons. The corollary for this is maintaining a safe operation at all times. The agencies in charge of regulating and monitoring the water transportation need to be capable of getting to a trouble spot promptly to save lives, to ensure boat operators do the right thing at the right time, and be equipped to ensure the water ways are safe.

    Capricorn Marine Group takes safety seriously. Stormer Marine in the Netherlands builds some of the finest Ribs, Rescue and Safety patrol boats in Europe. Capricorn Marine Group imports some of the most equipped Rescue/Safety patrol boats into Nigeria with the express understanding of building these boats in Nigeria to the same high standards and Outfitting as in the Netherlands.

    MILESTONE 2018:

    In 2018, Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc secured the sole distribution partnership rights of the Yanmar – Japan Dtorque 50 HP, 111 Nm Diesel outboard engines in Nigeria. This 50 HP, double – crankshaft, 111 Nm torque at less than 3000 rpm, diesel outboard engine is the most torque producing engine per horsepower in the market.

    In the year 2001, Capricorn Marine Technologies Plc, took in the distribution of the Coventry Climax Engines Limited UK. The Conventry Climax did not develop a promised 40HPDiesel Outboard engine and the company was sold to a South African outfit that retooled the factory to produce small diesel engines as auxiliary power units for tanks.

    In those years simultaneously, Yanmar Diesel engines of japan developed, produced and marketed worldwide two models of Diesel Outboard Engines. The D27 and D36 Yanmar outboard engines was well received by the market but Yanmar closed down the production in 2007. This threw the market for Diesel outboard engines into chaos. For ten years the Diesel outboard engine manufacturing stopped. In 2016 a Swedish Company OXE Diesels came out with four models of 150 – 300HP Diesel Outboards. These are heavy machines and not well received by the market which needs small outboards for small boats not speedy or fast boats. A British company COX Engines Limited developed a 300HP Diesel Outboard Engine. She is not yet marketed commercially.

    In 2018, a German Motorcycle manufacturer – Neander Motors developed the first Twin – Crankshaft Diesel Outboard Engine in the 50HP rating and called it the DTorque 111. She produces a torque of 111 NM at less than 3000 RPM. This engine fits snuggly in the progression from the Climax 25-25HP, the Yanmar D27 and D36 – 27HP and 36HP. This engine brings the realistic progression in the power requirement of the users of small Diesel engines – the DTORQUE 111 50HP.

    For worldwide marketing development – Neander Motors Germany teamed up with Yanmar diesel Engines Worldwide to market the Yanmar / Neander Shark DTORQUE 50HP 111 NM Diesel Outboards. Capricorn marine Technologies Plc was appointed the exclusive distribution partner for Nigeria for the DTORQUE 111 50HP Diesel Outboard Engines.

    MILESTONE 2017:

    Manuli Oil and Marine Hoses are one of the oldest oil and Marine Hoses in the industry. Manuli holds the higher level of certifications for hoses from American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), American Petroleum institute Q1 Quality Certification APIQR – 150 9901 – 2008 DNV Business Assurance system – EN ISO 14001: 2004, American Petroleum Institute Certificate of Authority to use the API monogram API – 17k001. The Manuli Hoses are made of OCIMF 1991 from 1995 – 2011 and the EMPITOM – 09 standards from 2012 to date.

    CLIENT REFERENCE LIST (1995 to Present)

    In Nigeria the Manuli Hoses in Single and Double Carcass is well received and in use by the IOC’s and COC’s such as;

    CLIENT REFERENCE LIST (1995 to Present)

    For West Central and Southern Africa the Manuli Hoses are in use and well received as follows;

    MILESTONE 2016:

    TUG GIDEON- IMO 7319060
    We have available in our fleet of vessels, Tug Gideon for Contract Hire to our clients. Tug Gideon is primarily employed in coastal towing and pushing of our tank barge fleet. At 3200 BHP and designed for easy maneuverability, our sea going tug boat is kept busy with a wide variety of towing assignments. Our tugs undergo regular maintenance and annual inspections to ensure that our policies and safety procedures are adhered to. Class regular inspections and Certification in addition to good insurance cover for Hull and Machinery locally and an Eagle Ocean Marine P & I cover offshore.


    IMO Number: 7319060
    Flag: Nigeria
    Port Of Registry: Lagos
    Classification Society: IRS
    Net tonnage capacity: 00MT
    Gross Tonnage: 00MT
    Built: 1973,
    Rebuilt 1993 USA.
    Number of Engines : Two
    Type of Engines: 2 X EMD
    Marine Diesel Engine 16-567C
    Engine Output(KW) 2 X 1600 BHP
    Material: Steel
    Length Over All: 31.30M
    Moulded Depth: 4.57M

    MILESTONE 2015:


    Herald Marine and Energy Ltd owns and operates Barge Herald Emmanuel a double-hull, IMO compliant tank barge. Our tank barge has the capacity to carry up to 8450MT of White Petroleum Products that are typically characterized as Clean Petroleum Products (AGO, DPK and BASE LUBE OIL), offering advantages of shallow draft which enables easy operations in the creeks as well as low gross tonnage.

    MILESTONE 2015:


    Herald Marine and Energy Ltd owns and operates Barge Herald Emmanuel a double-hull, IMO compliant tank barge. Our tank barge has the capacity to carry up to 8450MT of White Petroleum Products that are typically characterized as Clean Petroleum Products (AGO, DPK and BASE LUBE OIL), offering advantages of shallow draft which enables easy operations in the creeks as well as low gross tonnage.


    IMO Number: 1519400
    Flag: Nigeria
    Port Of Registry: Lagos
    Classification Society: IRS
    Net tonnage capacity: 2418MT
    Gross Tonnage: 3853MT
    Deadweight Tonnage: 8450MT
    Built: 1965,
    Rebuilt 1992 USA.
    Type of Hull: Double Hull
    Length Over All: 99 .49M
    Moulded Depth: 6. 71M


    SHUTTLE TANKER – Capricorn Marine Group purchased the MT Pankov, shallow draft, River – Sea – River tanker for the marginal field crude oil shuttling to export terminals. She is 4001 DWT on 3.7meter draft. She loads 20000 barrels of crude oil at a draft of 2.8meters. This enables her to go through the Niger Delta shallow waterways to the export terminals offshore.


    Length Over All – 108.84m
    Cargo Tanks (100%) – 4303CBM
    Breadth extreme – 16.58m
    Summer Deadweight – 4001MT
    Depth – 5.50m
    Gross Register Tonnage – 2873MT
    Draft – 3.775m
    Net Register Tonnage – 982MT

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